OUR Trails

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New Maps and Signage!

Our trailhead now has an updated map and signage which includes all ski trails, original mountain bike trails and newly added trails.

The mountain bike singletrack connects via the ski trails. While it is relatively easy to follow the signs and bike the complete main loop, it is easy to get turned around if you do not bike the trails in order or if you want to head back to the trailhead on the ski trails.

The Trailforks app is highly recommended if you are biking in Glebe for the first time. Please note that signage on the West Trails is much more limited and they should be ridden for the first time with someone who knows their way around, or with Trailforks.

Our trails have segments on Strava to cheer on your friends and challenge yourself to hit PBs and maybe even get a KOM or QOM


Main Trails - BLue - 4.5 KM

The trails start with the Homestead Trail and continue to numbered trails 1-11.  You can seek out a challenge by trying 6A and 8A


A great trail to acclimate yourself to the trail network.  A snaking path gently littered with rocks and roots.  This Trail is 281m in length. PLEASE NOTE: As of 2023, the old entrance with the sign was dug up to allow for the new ski trail. You must bike up the ski trail about 50m and find the new entrance on the right.


Trail #1

A great trail to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the highlands with a gentle climb and a fun and bumpy run out to the ski trails to head to Trail 2.  219m in length.


Take a left off Trail #1 and complete a short climb up the ski trail.  Trail #2 is on your right.  A short 64m trail feature a nice drop in with a carvable left turn followed by a quick climb back to the ski trail.  Trail #3 is located to the left.  Click the image for a Photosphere.


Trail #3 continues the climb in elevation with a series of rolling hills and quick climbs.  Option left to the Rock Garden around the half way point for some extra fun.  445m in length to get your heart pumping. Trail 4 is a quick right and down the ski trail. Click the image for a Photosphere.

TRAIL #4A and #4B

If rocks, roots and bumps get you going Trail #4A is for you.  A short jaunt from Trail #3, you begin with a fast rolling descent through a series of rocky, rooty bumps.  Bail out of the Technical Section by exiting at 4B and take the ski trail to Trail #5.  Continue on 4A for some awesome climbs up a rockface and some glacial stones left behind long ago.  Survive the climb and roll through a cool sries of S-turns on your way out.  602m in length.


Trail #5 winds through the forest giving you a tour of the beauty of Haliburton.  A variety of climbs will test your cardio.  Some work-arounds offer riders easier paths but there is still a challenging rock pile option for the experienced (and brave) rider.  605m in length.

TRAIL #6A and #6B

Trail #6B rewards some intial work and a big climbs with two super fun descents.  Get ready to catch some air on the large root on the first drop and carve a nice turn on the second.  Trail #6A is legit nuts.  A technical black diamond with some killer rock face rolls and sketchy jumps - strong riders only should tackle this trail.  You are best to take #6A by catching it off the top of the ski trail section.  Trail #6B is 236m in length.

6A Rock face from above

6A Rock Face from below

6A Bridge to exit

6A Sketchy jump :)

Trail #7

After ripping out of the descent on #6 climb a short steep section of the ski trail to the Trail #7/Cherry Pie Intersection.  Trail #7 offers more rolling hills and short climbs over 373m.  Slip through two rocky sections and a little climb and race through some sleek S-turns.   Option right to the Rocks and Roots section at the half way point for a technical challenge.  Climb straight back out to the ski trails and head for Trail #8. Click the image for a Photosphere.

Note:  to hit Strava Segment for Trail#7 ride it all the way to the ski trail before kicking back to new trail to be named (not labelled yet).

TRAIL #8A and #8b

Start your Trail #8 Journey on #8B 140m if you want a technical challenge with some cool granite rock obstacles.  #8B links up to #8A or jump ahead on the ski trails and catch #8A for a more manageable, yet fun and quick, 73m rip.  Trail #8 will send you out onto the ski trails where you will find Trail #9 to the right.  

The climb into trail #8A

Trail #8B entry


Trail #9 is a quick right from the end of Trail #8.  Hit a gnarly rocks and roots small climb and roll through a series of quick turns with a fast,  air attainable exit back to the ski trails.  Great trail to work on your carving technique.  114m in length


A true Haliburton beauty and the easiest of our black diamond trails, Trail #10 will test your skill with some rock work, an optionable drop (stay left for blue drop - pics to come) and a techy kinda climb to kick you back out to the ski trail.  187m


The longest trail in our main loop, Trail #11 offers loads of fun.  Option to the right just at the start of the trail to hit the Triple Drop Section.  Head straight for a technical little rock face roll followed by a short, steep S-turn layered with roots.  From here it is a series of smooth climbs combined with rolling downhills encouraging you to "send it".   The trail finishes with some more technical rocky parts before spitting you out into the open field that leads back to Trail #1 or the opportunity to exit the system. 1070m in length.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a "sweet" option loop across from the Trail #7 entrance.  Enter CW for a wicked drop with a log jump to the right on the descent.  A challenging climb is rewarded with some quick descents culminating with a rocky stream crossing.  Cherry Pie continues with a network of turns, switchbacks and drops before a challenging climb back to the ski trail.  Try it CCW to really mix it up.  600m in length. Click the image for a Photosphere.

Tight entrance to Cherry Pie

The bigger than it looks Cherry Pie log jump.


At the end of Trail #7 find our newest beauty - APPLE PIE.  A CW entrance will provide a chance to catch some real speed and carve hard on the corners.  Less rocks and roots on this trail makes offers lots of fun.  The climb out will get your heat rate going.  A CCW entrance provides a long series of cool snaky turns but be weary the climb back to the top is a tough one.  410m in length.


Most of our ski trails are accessible all year long and offer a great beginner experience.  The rolling hills reward every climb with a fun descent.  However some are closed.  If you see ropes and signs please stay off as it is private property.


Our newest section of trails located in the WEST section of Glebe Park offer a true Ontario Black Diamond challenge.  Ex-Connection, 544m in length, is located on the ski trails between the entrances to Trails 8 and 11.  The WEST section is also accessible off of Industrial Park Road via Back Door To Heaven 909m in length.



An intermediate 544 m trail that begins 20 m past the start of 8B. A 70 m section of singletrack winds down to the snowmobile trail. Turn right and rip down the single track path to Deep Connection.

DEEP Connection

An expert level trail 842 m in length. A series of winding intermediate level single track with a variety of ascents and technically challenging start. This trail offers three water crossings,  the first is 90 meters in and is intermediate in difficulty. The next two water crossings are expert at the 200 m and 520 m distance marks.